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Heart Dog - Gunner's Story: The non-fiction novel

The Side Eye Series: Adult, dog humor picture books

Little Paws Series: Children's, dog humor and information books

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Heart Dog – Gunner’s story:

Non-fiction novel - The true life story of our beloved Gunner! As you read, watch how Hypothyroidism grabbed hold of Gunner at a very young age and went misdiagnosed for almost three years because he did not display the typical symptoms. Enjoy the laughs, the love, share some tears and also learn!

The Side Eye Series: 

Each book in this series contains over 90 full color pages of canine adult comedy! Mixed in with the laughs are tidbits for essential learning about canine health. After the original Side Eye (which contained only Blaze and Liar) I opened these books up to all dogs around the world and continue to display gorgeous dogs of all shapes and sizes! Learn how you can make your dog famous and help spread laughter and learning!

  1. The Side Eye: The book that started it all! Both Blaze and Liar command this book with their poetry, philosophy and just plain deep canine thoughts on the world (which are usually irrational)! Laugh with them in their daily lives but also learn about:

    • Obstructions

    • First Aid Canine Emergency Kit

    • Canine Hypothyroidism Signs and Symptoms

    • Bloat

  2. More Of the Side Eye:

    • Bone Broth to the rescue!

  3. The Side Eye - Crossing the Line: ​

    • Available dog sports

    • Bath time tidbits (by a professional groomer)

  4. By the Numbers:

    • All ages, all dogs – see the faces

    • Recognize ALL the symptoms

    • Correct Testing

    • Why “low” normal is NOT “normal”

    • Medicating properly

    • Complacency

    • Sharing stories / Interview with Dr. Jean Dodds (26 of the most popular questions answered!)

Little Paws Series:

With a fresh approach to children’s books, these visually stimulating and interactive books can be read alone by older children or by guardian/child and create engagement and bonding. Each book features wonderful pictures of over 50 different dogs! Where manners, sharing, inclusiveness, basic math skills, canine companionship as well as canine safety and etiquette are the focus, each book also has specific canine learning topics.

  1. Learning As We Grow:

    • How to care for a Puppy

    • Why do some dogs bite?

    • How to pet a dog properly

    • Let’s learn about puppies

  2. It’s a “Ruff” Life:

    • How much exercise does a dog need?

    • Does my dog need grooming?

    • What are Service Dogs?

    • What do dogs eat?

  3. Best Friends “Fur”ever:

    • Is your yard safe for a dog?

    • Dog stranger danger

    • How to walk a dog

    • Picking up and holding a puppy

  4. ABCs By Breed:

    • Learn your ABCs in this funny tongue twister as well as registered breeds.

EBook Box Set:

  1. The Canine Hypothyroidism Special:

    1. Heart Dog – Gunner’s Story

    2. By The Numbers (The Side Eye Series #4)

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