Heart Dog - Gunner's Story

The Side Eye Series!!!

#1 - The Side Eye - released February 2020

#2 - More of the Side Eye - released May 2020

#3 - The Side Eye - Crossing the Line! - released May 2020

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HEART DOG - GUNNER'S STORY - Released October 2018


This book is based on the true life story of Karen, a hearing impaired woman and her “pack” of mis-matched rescues and pure bred dogs.


Start the journey by meeting Isaac, Karen’s German Shepherd who protects her through some of her toughest times as she lives in one of the most dangerous neighborhoods in Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada.


Meet Taxi, the loaf-of-bread sized, rescue Terrier cross who becomes the "leader of the pack" and shows her love for Karen in true Terrier style by bringing her gifts of frogs, mice, and rabbits to the table and sadly stashing other bodies under the deck.


Finally Gunner arrives! Karen will have you laughing as she shares all his button pushing, eye watering gas issues, and overall boisterous puppy craziness.


As Gunner grows, he goes to work every day and turns into the quite the comedian in his dog show career earning titles, and ribbons as well as laughs!


Karen finally finds her human soulmate Tim who quickly learns what dog life is all about!


For a man used to privacy, Tim’s adjustments to the dogs being everywhere all the time are comical to say the least.


This story would not be complete without the addition of Blaze and Liar into the pack. Blaze who becomes “Daddy’s little girl” and Liar who unexpectedly saves Tim’s mom from breast cancer.Live life with Karen and Tim in this heartfelt story.


Learn how life can throw those unexpected and sometimes heart breaking turns. But most importantly, learn to never give up! Through it all, Karen and Tim realize that where they love all the dogs, Gunner is truly both of their "Heart Dog".

THE SIDE EYE - Featuring the literary works of Blaze (Doberman Angry Poet) and Liar (Doberman Philosopher) - Released February 2020


It all started with the first poem written by Blaze, The Doberman Angry Poet.

Take a journey into the minds of two almost famous Dobermans, Liar and Blaze in this mostly picture book and enjoy the brilliant literary works they've created with the assistance of "The Mom". They would have done it completely by themselves but sadly, they don't have opposable thumbs and found the keys on the laptop rather difficult to work with.

Further to that, they have enough trouble sharing toys with each other, never mind working together to put their thoughts on pages in a book!

Intertwined in their comedic completely random thoughts, learn in a relaxed "speak" about signs and symptoms of Obstructions, Bloat, and Hypothyroidism. Try cooking up a batch of dog cookies with two "Blaze - 5 star" proven recipes!

Finish it all off with a complete contents listing to make for a great Canine Emergency First Aid kit!

This book is all over the map - but entertaining and even possibly life saving!

#2 & #3 Of the Side Eye Series :

MORE OF THE SIDE EYE - Release May 2020



By popular demand! This carries on the same format as The Side Eye only now we've kicked it up a notch and share ALL BREED photos of hilarious dogs! 

Have some laughs, let the dogs teach you about social distancing during this chaotic time, career choices and learn some fun canine facts along the way!

Following through in tradition - learn some life saving tips!

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