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Watching Over You - Side Eye Series #10


Let's take a journey, reflecting on some of the very best in the Side Eye series and celebrate Vol #10 with an expanded volume containing even more of our crazy beloved canines to make you laugh!

Our beloved Blaze started this series and sadly in January of 2021 we lost her due to old age. The Side Eye series has grown so far in such a short time and brought so many laughs to so many people that we simply must continue. We celebrate all dogs in this series but volume 10 is special as it's the official "passing of the torch" so to speak from our Blaze to our new girl Gia.

Karen has jam packed this book with all of her favorites... From the angry literary works of poetry from their Doberman Blaze (at the bridge) to wonderful spoof magazines giving you all the latest fashion tips, hot travel spots, and even a little bit of naked dogs! This book is a canine riot.

Find inside:

  • Blaze, Doberman Angry Poet

  • Liar, Doberman Philosopher

  • Shark Week

  • Puppy Breath

  • Matrix Dogs

  • Tongue Out Tuesdays

  • Fake Magazines: No Time, Dogs Quarterly, Dogs Illustrated, Dogue, Playdog, Rolling Bone, National Canine, Better Kennels & Gardens, Digger's Digest, Canines' Almanac and Today's Puppy!

  • Canine Billboards

  • Canine Life Coaches

  • Coming Soon To Theaters

  • Go Home - You're Drunk!

  • An Expression That Says So Much

  • A Smile That Says So Much

  • Wanted

  • Mondays VS Fridays

Take a break from your day, sit back and get ready to giggle until your sides hurt!

Watching Over You - Side Eye Series #10

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