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With a fresh approach to children’s books, these visually stimulating and interactive books can be read alone by older children or by guardian/child and create engagement and bonding. Each book features wonderful pictures of over 50 different beloved dogs! Where manners, sharing, inclusiveness, basic math skills, canine companionship as well as canine safety and etiquette are the focus of the overall series, each book has specific learning topics that our canines teach us!

Learning As We Grow #1:

  • How to care for a Puppy

  • Why do some dogs bite?

  • How to pet a dog properly

  • Let’s learn about puppies

It’s a “Ruff” Life #2:

  • How much exercise does a dog need?

  • Does my dog need grooming?

  • What are Service Dogs?

  • What do dogs eat?

Best Friends “Fur”ever #3:

  • Is your yard safe for a dog?

  • Dog stranger danger

  • How to walk a dog

  • Picking up and holding a puppy

ABCs By Breed #4:

  • Celebrate registered breed dogs!

  • Learn your ABCs in this funny tongue twister as well as registered breeds.

ABCs By Name #5:

  • Celebrate mixed breed dogs!

  • Learn your ABCs in this funny tongue twister by beloved dogs call names!

Learn About Colours #6:

  • See over 50 different dogs teaching us about colours!

The exciting thing about this series is all pictures are real life photos of real beloved dogs and YOU have the opportunity to submit your own photos for my "CASTING CALLS". Make your dog famous by joining my Facebook group and submitting your furry friend!


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