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Over my 45 years of being blessed with dogs, I've gained so many fond memories and learned so much from each and every one. But sadly, the time comes when our beloved pet leaves us.

My memorials came from me trying to find a way to keep our dogs close, in beauty, and not have a bunch of urns all over which to me, just seemed so... Impersonal?!? I wanted to celebrate their life in beauty.

One of a kind pendants: I can choose colours and TRY for a certain outcome but it's virtually impossible to re-create the exact same pendant.

Contents: I can use almost anything you want in your memorial.

  • cremains (ashes, hair)

  • fabric (collars, toys, ribbons)

  • metal (choke chains etc.)

  • wood

  • plastic

UPDATE: I've had many ask... I would be honored to make memorials with any loved one's ashes whether they were pets or people.... 

How we do this:

  • Take time, you need to decide what you need as a memorial

  • Reach out to me to discuss ideas

  • Once a decision is made, send me some of your ashes and or belongings


  • If you've decided on a pendant, please note that my gallery is fairly up to date with what is available. 

  • The white card that the pendants are on is sized at 3" long by 2" high (for size reference)

  • Choose a pendant from the picture, screen shot it and either message me or email me.

  • I pour the epoxy resin into the molds.

  • Add colours

  • Add a variety of effects by "stirring"

  • When set - I de-mold

  • Process takes anywhere from 1-2 days.

  • When I receive your loved one's ashes, I'll mix them in more resin and add them to the concave back and allow to set.

  • It takes approximately 1/4 teaspoon of ashes for one pendant.

  • You WILL see the ashes on the backside of your pendant.

Care and handling:

  • I guarantee that your family member's ashes will be handled exactly like I would expect ours to be handled - with love, compassion and respect.

  • Any unused ashes will also be returned to you with your memorial.

Local Manitoba people: For those that live close, I would prefer to receive your ashes by your hand and also return the finished pendant to you, again in person.

Out of Manitoba:

  • It is legal to mail ashes from many countries by mail - please confirm your countries legalities.

  • You will have to mail your ashes to me, I will mail your finished pendant back, but you will be required to cover any postage costs:

    • United States trackable mail: approx. $18.00​

    • International registered mail: approx. $25.00

  • PLEASE REMEMBER - Where it is unlikely that your ashes will be lost in the mail - it COULD happen and would be out of my control. Please consider this possibility.

Pricing: All creations are in CAD dollars

  • Pendants:

    • $35.00

  • Paw Prints:

    • Large: $40.00

    • Medium $ 35.00

    • Small: $30.00

  • Pyramids:

    • Large: $95.00 (6” tall by 6” base)

    • Medium $65.00 (4” tall by 4” base)

    • Small: $35.00 (2” tall by 2” base)

  • Hearts:

    • “Gunner” Large: $95.00 (7” tall by approx. 1½” deep)

    • "Sterling" Double Heart $85.00 

    • “Isaac”: Medium: $75 (5 ½” tall by approx. ¾” thick)

  • Shadow Boxes

    • $40 - $60 but will not ship due to concerns of breakage during shipping.​




Celebration of Life

If you’re considering a memorial and live in the Manitoba area, consider hosting a “Celebration of Life” get together. I know that may sound odd but it was recommended by a client and I’m now offering this.

What is it?

Simply put, we’ve all lost someone close to us or pets that were our family. These memorials are us creating something together that celebrates what they meant to us!

Making a memorial must be done right. Many questions of what I can do, what I can put in the memorials are raised and truthfully, I need to know you and get to know your loved one. It can be very emotional entrusting me with your loved one’s cremains or favorite memory articles – meeting like this might help put your mind at ease.

Talk to your friends, find out who may be also considering a memorial and pick an evening to gather in the privacy of your home. I’ll bring my creations and walk you all through the processes. We can brainstorm ideas and personally design what it is you want as a memorial. I can also take any items at that time that you want in the memorial. We can also arrange a time and date for me to drop off the created memorials.

Feel free to reach out to me for any questions… But know, where this can be very emotional, it can be very therapeutic sharing fond memories and fun stories with others that too, have suffered loss. You’re not alone and shouldn’t be going through this process alone…

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