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Celebrating the life of our dear Blaze - her legacy will continue...

Can. Ch. Jaimand's Fire Storm RN

Born: August 10, 2008

Date of Passing: January 4th, 2021


She was a true Doberman, protecting us from the day we got her until the day she passed.


As a puppy, it was from leaves, sticks and even from the snow flakes that fell aggressively (apparently) from the winter sky.


As she matured, she was the true "Velcro dog" ensuring that we never peed alone... We were always safe and under her watchful eye. She protected us selflessly from all squirrels, birds, women pushing baby strollers, motorcyclists, and as we moved onto Murdoch drive, boaters and snowmobiles that dared to be on the water or ice in front of our home...

She was a helper at all times. Whether she was stealing Tim's cleaned, balled up socks from my laundry bin and putting them away in her bed, laying between me and the sink as I did dishes or giving Tim heck for working too hard outside without her - she always "helped".

She was Liar's guardian and playmate. Always telling him what to do and how fast to do it.

She was an amazing alarm clock that woke us up at the crack of dawn EVERYDAY to potty outside only to come rushing back inside and head to HER spot for a snooze on the couch. 

She was Tim's Heart Dog - the special relationship they had was a blessing for him to have and for me to witness. 


We will celebrate her as she was a gift that will never be forgotten! We were blessed for 12 years to have our precious Blaze and we look forward to the day we will see her again... 




We had so many hopes and dreams coming into 2021.

Like so many, 2020 was declared the "write off" year as it seemed at every turn, we suffered loss. We were so happy to see it go and bring forth the new year. Whether it was dear friends, family, employment, or somewhat financial stability - COVID took hold and stripped us all of so much. We prayed that the new year would bring us a little back to our normal. 

On January 1st, 2021, our beloved Blaze, at 12 years old suffered a medical emergency to which she sadly did not recover. We made her last few days loving ones and spent much deserved quality time with our girl. In the evening of January 4th, we had to say "goodbye" to our girl and let her go. As so many of you fellow dog lovers have faced, it's been devastating around here, particularly for my husband Tim as she was truly his Heart Dog. 

A few days have passed now and the amount of people who reached out to us via Facebook, messages, emails, and texts have been absolutely amazing. It became obvious to us that she not only touched our lives but so many people's lives. Whether you laughed at her poetry, giggled at her attitude, or simply just enjoyed the relationship she had with Tim, Liar and me, she touched lives.

In her honor, she will continue to do so.

This website has always been about me sharing... I believe in not only sharing the fond memories, but also health issues with the hopes that people might learn and possibly recognize symptoms.

Some of you came to know Blaze through HER canine humor picture book "The Side Eye". That book became so loved that we continued with more, made it a series, and even opened it up to all dogs far and wide. But we continued with the principle that in between laughs, we wanted learning. We've decided that the forth issue of the Side Eye series will be here and for a free download. 



Blaze lived for 12 glorious years and for the most part, completely healthy. I personally attribute it to a combination of: phenomenal breeding, love, exercise, a great diet but also recognizing the symptoms of Canine Hypothyroidism. From our previous experience with Gunner,  we got Blaze diagnosed and treated early but many dogs go on without diagnosis for far too long!


The 4th book, By The Numbers, has our Blaze featured in it as well as many other Hypothyroid dogs of all breeds, shapes and sizes, sharing laughs, love and knowledge! This book is an enjoyable quick read that teaches you everything you need to know about Canine Hypothyroidism and is in complete "easy speak".

Please, download it, give it away to friends, share it - learn it and in Blaze's honor - help bring attention to Canine Hypothyroidism so that others may have their beloved canine for as many years as possible! 

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