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I showed dogs for many years in Conformation, Rally and even Schutzhund. I've also been involved with Rescue and had my own. I say this as I love ALL dogs! This section however, is celebrating registered breeds bred for purpose. I say that as, where you can find items representing dogs of different breeds, I found many of them to be poor representations. I wanted something created that compared to the dogs I showed. Something that represented THE STANDARD.

This all started off with one breed, the Doberman! I wanted a piece of jewelry that properly depicted the elegance of our chosen breed. I worked at creating a mold and took things from there. Soon, many other people reached out wanting me to do the same for their breed of choice!

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NOW AVAILABLE in a variety of colours:

DOG BREED "SHAPES": My breed shapes are designed by working with the people who have worked very hard to Champion their dogs and are willing to share them with me. I use their photos and together we work to establish a silhouette that represents their breed. But please understand, this takes time as it MUST be done properly. ​

If you don't see YOUR breed of choice, please reach out to me and lets get to work!


Please note: I'm a "small business". This is to say that it's only me with the help of my dedicated spouse, Tim. LIAR and GIA, our two Dobermans, and of course "working dogs", sadly don't offer much assistance in our production due to their lack of opposable thumbs. Their moral support however, is greatly appreciated! I say this as - my updates in Facebook and this website are sometimes behind! PLEASE REACH OUT TO ME FOR ASSISTANCE via Messenger (preferred) or by email.

GALLERY of breeds available!!!
Please check with me if you don't see your breed.

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