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I showed dogs for many years in Conformation, Rally and even Schutzhund. I've also been involved with Rescue and had my own. I say this as I love ALL dogs! This however, is celebrating registered breeds bred for purpose.


Where our breed of choice is the Doberman, I've spent countless hours at dog shows watching and admiring the presentation, gaits, structure and purpose of pure bred dogs! 

I find such beauty in all of our dogs - each individual breed offering a uniqueness! Let's celebrate that!

My breed silhouettes are designed by working with the people who have worked very hard to Champion their dogs and are willing to share them with me. I use their photos and together we work to establish a silhouette that represents their breed! But please understand, this takes time as it MUST be done properly. I will not rush this process as our breeds deserve nothing but the best!

Pendants, Brooches and Key Chains:

  • Featured at 1.75" - 2 1/2" tall x 1/4" thick - sizes may change based on breed. 

  • These are one of a kind creations and I cannot create the same, identical pendant. However, I can create a pendant based on colour and style combination.

  • Memorials: Any and all of these pendants have the ability to incorporate the cremains of the one that waits at the bridge for you... Please visit my Memorial page for details...

  • All pendants come with findings that allow for either a necklace or safety pin for a brooch system but do not include necklace.


Findings: As shown on the back of the pendants

How to SHOP

I am currently working on a way to add all breed pendants to this page - PLEASE BE PATIENT...

The easiest and fastest way to choose the right pendant for you is to send me a message in MESSENGER requesting to see a breed. I'll send you all CURRENTLY AVAILABLE pendants that are ready to ship. IF I don't have one that suits your fancy, we can then engage on a special order (no extra charge - but extra wait time).

I can send pictures via email but it is far more limited.

Breeds Coming Soon!

In the template making process:

Yorkshire Terrier - Bichon Frise - Papillion

Have a breed you're interested in? Reach out to me and lets get to work! 

Dog Clubs:

Looking for something unique to celebrate YOUR breed of choice in Specialties? Please contact me! I would be honored to work with your club in creating something "one of a kind" for you as gifts or trophies!


Local Manitoba people: I'm located in Petersfield, Manitoba - arrangements for pick-ups/drop-offs can be made with no charge to:

- Petersfield - Gimli - Winnipeg - OR surrounding areas as we visit them

Out of Manitoba - Shipping based on pendants:

  • United States trackable mail: approx. $18.00​

  • International registered mail: approx. $25.00

Pricing: All creations are in CAD dollars

  • Pendants, Brooches, Key chains $35.00

  • Custom designs available!

Payment Methods:

  • Email transfers, Paypal

  • Contact me should you not entertain these methods - we'll figure something out!

  • Please note that deposits may be required on some items.

Completed Breeds:

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