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SE Dog Union - Canines unite! It's time we fight back!

GIA SAYS: Attention fellow canines! Have you been wronged by your people? Short changed on getting treats? Gotten yelled at for barking at the squirrel just one to many times? Or been forced to have a bath just after taking the time to pretty yourself up by rolling in poop? We're here for you! It's time you filed a grievance on your people...

The day has finally arrived!

For those of you not familiar with what has taken place over the last few weeks - let me fill you in.

Last year, I came to Manitoba to live with the new MOM and DAD. Things were pretty good but as the days went by, THE MOM changed. She went from a kind, loving person to this woman full of rules. Needless to say, the straw that broke the camels back occurred two weeks ago when we had harsh words, YET AGAIN, over a difference of opinions on how to organize the shoes in the house.

I took to social media to express my feelings about this dictatorship and sadly, many dogs responded with the exact same scenarios! They too are living troubled lives with their people!

You're either part of the problem or part of the solution.

SE Dog Union has been formed!

I have spent the last two weeks:

  • Self electing a variety of dogs from around the world as REPS who will fight for your rights

  • Setting up the SEDU information pack filled with valuable information for new members

  • Designing a webpage dedicated to helping canines cope with their people

  • Designing an online grievance form that YOU can file against your people for infractions YOU feel they've done against you.

Your bark will be heard!

Last night, we started our first actual member drive and the response is bitter sweet. We're incredibly happy at the amount of new members joining our union, yet we find it sad that so many of you canines are suffering through regular toenail clippings and other atrocities.

Because you deserve to be heard and have your rights recognized!

Our humans have gotten out of control with their expectations of us canines. It’s time that we stand united, a pack, if you will, and fight for our rights! “Heck no! We won’t go! (Potty outside in the rain anymore!)” LIAR, Potty Protest 2020

Feeling alone? We're stronger as a pack and now have Chapters of SEDU in Canada, United States, United Kingdom and Australia willing to help you and this is just the beginning! We welcome any and all dogs!

What can SEDU offer you? Read our comprehensive Information Pack explaining the mediation process and assist us in negotiating an appropriate contract for your home affecting your quality of life.

File a grievance! This can be utilized to initiate the membership process. You will receive your own SEDU ID card and become part of a unified pack fighting together as one as opposed to being individually reactive.

Today is a new day fellow canines!

We MUST be strong, we MUST unite because united we stand on four paws but divided, we get yelled at for counter surfing!

Respectfully yours in butt sniffing,

GIA, Director (Local 124)

SE Dog Union

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