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Welcome to SE Dog Union!

ATTENTION: All fellow canines!


Do you have too many rules in your house? Have your people said ANY of the following?

- "you're going to pee outside in the rain and like it!"

- "stop barking - there's nothing there!"

- "stop eating the (insert item)!"

- "no chewing on your (leg/brother/cat etc.)!"

- "knock it off already!"

- "come here RIGHT now or I'll (insert threat)!"

- "go lay down!" (You're not even tired!)

Have your people:

- Been cheap with the treats?

- Late at supper time?

- Slow to go for a walks?

- Lackadaisical on car rides?

- Made you sleep on the floor?

YOU have rights! It's time for us to unite and end the atrocities!

Stay tuned my friends! After doing my due diligence and getting everything in order, I'll be making a public announcement on ALL social media!



Become a Member

Basic Membership (FREE to ALL dogs):

  • Entitlements of BASIC membership:

    • SEDU electronic member ID card

    • Grievances: You may take part in submitting all grievances you have via the website or our Facebook page! 

    • Mediation process: You will have the ability to take part in all public Facebook meetings and voice your support for other canines or have your own grievance mediated.

    • Monthly basic email.

Full Membership: $30.00 CAD per year (only ONE FULL membership per household - not per dog)

  • Entitlements of FULL membership - all of BASIC and:

    • ​Automatically in the Author Club!

    • 1 free Side Eye Series eBook per month (canine humor for adults picture book) Regular price = $4.99 CAD per book = $59.88!

    • 1 free Little Paws eBook per month (canine books for children) Regular price = $3.99 CAD per book = $47.88!
  • (All download links to books, and documentations will be given in monthly emails. These will come in the form of PDF’s which can be read on phones, tablets, or PCs.)

    • 1 SEDU newsletter per month containing:
      • Listing of all grievances filed

      • Agenda for following month

      • Minutes of the monthly SEDU meetings including all communications

      • Strike notifications

      • Binding contract agreed upon by both canines and humans

Form of payment accepted: PAYPAL or email transfer.


Email Transfer:

SEDU Blog - Stay in the loop!

Is SEDU right for you?

Download our information pack and find out more details on:

  • Memberships

  • Grievances

  • Actions

  • Chapters/Locals

  • Contact information

Do you have a grievance to file on your person? Submit yours today! 

Fill out the form below (in detail) about how you've been wronged. If you're not currently a member of SEDU, we will reach out to you for basic information and a picture (head shot) to issue your SEDU ID card for further communications and documentation.

File a grievance!

Meet your SEDU Reps!

SE Dog Union

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