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Sookie's Story - German Shepherd Cross

CGC certified and was a registered therapy dog!

Name: Sookie Breed- Gsd Cross Symptoms : multiple skin and ear issues resulting in reoccurring staph infections. Location : Southern California Age of diagnosis : 8

How she is now : Sookie is still struggling with skin issues but much more controlled.

While she's always held and gained weight faster than my other dog, she's a 3 on the 5 scale. I keep her diet strictly controlled with raw and home cooking to eliminate potential allergens and things that can interfere with her medication. She never showed other significant symptoms beyond general crankiness when skin issues flared.

Bonus info : Sookie's a distemper survivor with the unique teeth to show for it. She's also CGC certified and was a registered therapy dog with Delta and Pet Partners before we moved. She achieved the highest score in her testing on her first try with a nearly flawless score! She's super smart, loves puzzles and when she went for rattlesnake avoidance training she watched several dogs go before her and copied them. The trainer leading the service never had to set off her collar and said he'd never had a dog do that before. How much she actually learned about rattlesnakes I don't know️, but she copied the other dogs learned avoidance perfectly!

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