FEBRUARY 2020 RELEASE! The Side Eye - Featuring the literary works of Blaze (Doberman Angry Poet) and Liar (Doberman Philospher).

I've always had people tell me I should write a book and share our stories. 

I've always believed that "everything happens for a reason".

In 2018, after the company I worked for as a "Financial Controller" was sold and relocated, I decided to take my time off and write. I'm proud and excited to say, not only did I enjoy it but my writing turned into my first published book:

Heart Dog - Gunner's Story 

February of 2020 arrives a totally different kind of book - The Side Eye!


I don't have an agent, I don't have a marketing plan, I'm just me - someone who loves dogs and have stories to share from my heart!

Still on the fence? Try a FREE CHAPTER of Heart Dog - Gunner's Story HERE :  https://www.karengrzenda.com/post/sneak-peek-free-chapter-of-heart-dog-gunner-s-story

YOU have the power to help save just one more dog!

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Featured Video : Heart Dog - Gunner's Story

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