I've always had people tell me I should write a book and share my stories. 

I've always believed that "everything happens for a reason".

After the company I worked for as a "Financial Controller" was sold and relocated, I decided to take my time off and write. I'm proud and excited to say, not only did I enjoy it but my writing turned into the book ~ "Heart Dog - Gunner's Story". 


I don't have an agent, I don't have a marketing plan, I'm just me - someone who had a story to share from my heart!

Still on the fence? Try a FREE CHAPTER of Heart Dog - Gunner's Story HERE :  https://www.karengrzenda.com/post/sneak-peek-free-chapter-of-heart-dog-gunner-s-story

That book, has also turned into this website where I share not only share the book, but also blogs on dogs in an effort to help.

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Heart Dog - Gunner's Story

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YOU have the power to help save just one more dog!

Many have enjoyed the book as well as this website and for that I'm truly blessed. Please help me keep the momentum going! Read my book, recommend it others, and help me spread the word through my blogs and hopefully save just one more dog!

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