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You asked and now I'm answering! I formally have an author club! For one low yearly membership fee, get your paws on...


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PAYPAL: klgrzenda@gmail.com

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About Me

I was born and raised in Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada. 

I found my love for dogs at the young age of two years old in St. Bernards that lived across the street from my childhood home. 

My passion for canines has taken me down the roads of assisting in rescues, training, and partaking actively in many dog sports in my lifetime. 

After spending most of my career in the financial sector, I took a step away and started what I thought would be a simple journal to remember Gunner, a dog that changed my life. This "journal" took a life of it's own and became my first self published novel, Heart Dog - Gunner's Story. That one book lead me down the path to create: The Side Eye Series and Little Paws Series!

Today, my husband Tim and I, reside in the interlake community of Petersfield, Manitoba, just north of the city where I was raised. We enjoy our time together making memories with Liar and Gia, our Dobermans.

I've always had people tell me I should write a book and share our stories. Within my writing, not only do I share our laughs but also our struggles with canine health issues. I believe that by sharing personal experiences - we learn. 

I've always believed that "everything happens for a reason". I now found my "reason"!

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