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Who would have thought this small business of mine would start by self publishing my own books? Well it did! Consider checking out my related pages for more information and AMAZON links!


This book is based on our true life story!


Start the journey by meeting Isaac, a German Shepherd who protects me through some of my toughest times as I lived in one of the most dangerous neighborhoods in Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada.


Meet Taxi, the loaf-of-bread sized, rescue Terrier cross who becomes the "leader of the pack" and shows her love for me in true Terrier style by bringing me gifts of frogs, mice, and rabbits to the table and sadly stashing other bodies under the deck.


Finally Gunner arrives! I'll have you laughing as I share all his button pushing, eye watering gas issues, and overall boisterous puppy craziness. As Gunner grows, he goes to work every day and turns into the quite the comedian in his dog show career earning titles, and ribbons as well as laughs!


Finally, meet my human soulmate Tim who quickly learns what dog life is all about! For a man used to privacy, Tim’s adjustments to the dogs being everywhere all the time are comical to say the least.


This story would not be complete without the addition of Blaze and Liar into the pack. Blaze who becomes “Daddy’s little girl” and Liar who unexpectedly saves Tim’s mom from breast cancer.


Live life with us and learn how life can throw those unexpected and sometimes heart breaking turns. But most importantly, learn to never give up! 

(See more information and Amazon links here)


Dedicated to the adults out there, these picture books are based on sarcastic humour revolving around our canines! 

Each book in this series contains over 72 full colour pages of canine adult comedy!


Mixed in with the laughs are tidbits for essential learning about canine health.


After the original Side Eye (which contained only Blaze and Liar), I opened these books up to all dogs around the world and continue to display gorgeous dogs of all shapes and sizes!


Learn how you can make your dog famous and help spread laughter and learning!

(See more information and Amazon links here)


With a fresh approach to children’s books, these visually stimulating and interactive books can be read alone by older children or by guardian/child and create engagement and bonding.


Each book features wonderful pictures of over 50 different beloved dogs!


Where manners, sharing, inclusiveness, basic math skills, canine companionship as well as canine safety and etiquette are the focus of the overall series, each book has specific learning topics that our canines teach us!

(See more information and Amazon links here)

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