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My breed pendants/pins are designed by working with the people who have worked very hard to Champion their dogs and are willing to share them with me. I use their photos and together we work to establish a silhouette that represents their breed. But please understand, this takes time as it MUST be done properly. 


  • Made of Resin and containing Alcohol Inks.

  • Featured at 1.75" - 2 1/2" tall x 1/4" thick - sizes may vary based on breed. 

  • These are one-of-a-kind creations and I cannot create an identical pendant. However, I can create a pendant based on similar colour blends and style combinations.

  • Memorials: Most of these pendants can incorporate the cremains of the one that waits at the bridge for you... Please visit my Memorial page for details...

  • All pendants/pins come with findings on the backside that allow for either a necklace or safety pin for a brooch system or clutch pins.


PLEASE send me a message in MESSENGER requesting to see a breed.  I'll send you all CURRENTLY AVAILABLE pendants that are ready to ship. IF I don't have one that suits your fancy, we can then engage on a special order (no extra charge - but extra wait time). I can send pictures via email, but it is far more limited.


  • Resin is water resistant, not waterproof – so taking it off whilst showering, washing up, swimming, etc is advised. This point is especially important if the piece also contains metal (which all my pieces do) as exposure will cause tarnishing (blackening or discoloration of the metal) to happen more quickly.

  • I use Alcohol Inks which can fade if exposed to direct sunlight for long periods of time.

  • Excessive heat for long periods of time can also soften/warp the resin.


I support Dog Clubs, Reputable Breeders and Reputable Rescues by offering significant discounts on volume orders! DON’T SEE YOUR BREED? I’m always open to starting new breeds and WELCOME the discussion – just reach out to me!



Words cannot express how much I appreciate all the positive feedback and words of encouragement that I’ve received! My dreams have become reality because of YOU and your support! Sharing on Facebook, telling friends and recommending me by word of mouth is absolutely appreciated! Thank you so much!


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