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Puppy Pendants and Keychains

Can you ever have to much dog breed schwag?!? I'm proud to introduce my new Puppy Pendants!

These are called "Puppy Pendants" as they're smaller than my resin pendants and pins. They use the same "shape" of each breed but average about 1"x1".

  • Available in a variety of finishes such as square, circle, and oval.

  • Can be EASILY converted into a durable keychain (more so than the resin pendants and pins).

  • Breed can be black, bronze, gold, silver or white and background colour can be a multitude! PLEASE NOTE: I will not produce disqualifiable colours (such as white Dobermans).

  • Some breeds do better on some shapes as opposed to others.

  • Substantial discount for large purchases (PERFECT for specialty gift bags).


A Business.jpg

Please note - this is a small sample.

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