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Karen's 2nd interview with CJOB's Hal Anderson - May 27th, 2019

Yesterday was another exciting day for "Heart Dog - Gunner's Story", as Hal Anderson form CJOB interviewed me for the 2nd time!

For those that don't know Hal, both he and his wife, Jackie are "dog lovers" and Hal is always good on supporting local people which is so greatly appreciated! On this occasion, he was supporting the effort for me "giving back" by helping me announce that 25% of the profits from the sale of my book via Amazon will go to two different rescues.

For all US sales, I'll be donating to Doberman Rescue Unlimited in New Hampshire, USA for the good work they do! See them here :

For Canadian Sales, I'll be donating to local Manitoba Mutts rescue in honor of Meridel Young, who got her lovely Casey there. See Manitoba Mutts here :

To find our interview:

  • Click on the link I provide, in the Audio Date : find May 27, 2019

  • In the audio time, find 1:00pm and then move to 1:33pm. (You'll hear the song "In The Summertime" and he'll talk about ice cream for about a minute!)

Listen to the interview here :

The day Gunner and I met

Help me give back!

Karen Grzenda

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