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Part 2 : After Gunner – more mistakes! MORE LEARNING!!!

This blog is Part 2 of a mini series on Blaze and Liars’ vet visits which primarily revolve around their Hypothyroidism. If you missed Part 1, you can find it here :

To catch you up though, in Part 1, I described the following :

  1. History on Gunner where he went misdiagnosed for 3 years, was finally diagnosed with Hypothyroidism but then was prescribed too high of a dosage for another four years until he passed away suddenly from DC M.

  2. Being laid off from work to be in a position to witness Blaze and Liar`s behaviour ALL DAY long and noticing where they seemed fine, they were still showing serious signs of Hypothyroidism even though being medicated daily.

  3. Joining the Facebook group Hypothyroidism in Dogs and questioning the dosage levels of both Blaze and Liar.

  4. Dropping Liar from .8, 2x/day to .6, 2x/day and Blaze from .6, 2x/day to .5, 2x/day and witnessing great changes! Including less fearfulness in Liar and hair growth which he did somewhat relapse on. Blaze showing incredible hair growth and losing weight!

  5. Vet visit (and chaos) revolving getting a full panel thyroid test done, objections to send to Hemopet, objections to even a full panel being required as opposed to just a basic T4.

  6. Full panel was done on May 03, 2019 and sent to Idexx lab, results came back May 16, 2019.

  7. This (below described) vet visit was on May 22, 2019

Upon getting the results emailed to me for both Blaze and Liar, I immediately posted their results in the Facebook group “Hypothyroidism in Dogs” for their opinions. Many question why in the world I would ask “internet strangers” as opposed to listening to my vet? The reality is, and I may receive some negative feedback from this statement but, vets don’t know it all and in particular when it comes to Hypothyroidism. This I can say as I`ve been through 5 vets now and all have dosed too high and only recommended basic T4 tests. I believe after many failures on my part in the past, one has to do their due diligence and advocate for their loved ones whether it be for canines or humans in medical needs. By going to this group, I received many opinions based on personal, REAL LIFE experience! Taking that, doing MORE reading, and educating myself, I went back to the vets for Liar`s checkup and the refill on their thyroid meds. I will admit, going into that office, I knew what I wanted to hear. The question is, would I hear it!

I cannot deny, this was an AWESOME vet visit! (Insert smiley faces, dancing, pure joy here!)

Liar was checked out stem to stern and came back with a fabulous clean bill of health!

Liar (red, male, 7 yo) and Blaze (black, female 11 in Aug)

The discussion then moved to the thyroid questions regarding their lab results from Idexx, the information missing from those results that Hemopet provides etc. All I can say is that Dr. S (we`ll call her) was amazing!

I`m a very upfront, straight shooter kind of gal so I immediately started with my concerns which were the testing done through Idexx as opposed to Hemopet. The fact that I had to fight to book a full panel test as opposed to just a regular T4. I read to Dr. S exactly from my previous blog the histories of both Liar and Blaze in chronological order. I openly stated that I was part of a Hypothyroidism group and had shared the test results with them.

Without giving Dr. S the heads up on what the FB Group had discussed about the medication level and what I had personally decided would be best, I asked what SHE would prescribe for meds. Based on my documentation, she felt it wise to keep Blaze on her dosing of .5, 2x/day and she stated given Liars’ at first glance great change but then slide a bit when the meds were given without food, she stated she would further drop Liar`s meds from .6, 2x/day to .5, 2x/day on a temporary basis to see how he acclimates to that level.

But here`s the thing that REALLY impresses me, Dr. S had been reading up and gathering information in preparation for our visit! She verbally recognized our issues, she apologized for any inconveniences, and agreed that any future full panels will in fact be sent to Hemopet! She even shared information that she “never knew” but learned recently in regards to Hypothyroidism. This is EXACTLY the vets we need. Not vets that “tunnel vision” and talk down, but vets that are always willing to learn, always listen and are open to discussion and problem solving!

Where are we now?

Blaze is doing and looking better then she has in a few years! She’ll be turning 11 in a few months and for a senior – she looks awesome!!! Her hair is growing in, she`s dropping weight and even some of her fatty lumps are getting noticeably smaller. Blaze no longer throws up, in fact, it`s been weeks since she vomited!

Liar is doing better, he`s still showing a little bit of fearfulness which I`m documenting but these occasions seem to be getting further and further apart. Liars third eyelid had become noticeably visible all day long, that too is reducing substantially. It`s agreed he may be a bit slower on adjusting to med level changes so for now, he`ll stay on his .5, 2x/day.

My lesson learned here : Don`t give up! Don`t just keep changing vets, but educate yourself so you can advocate properly for your canines!!! If you find a vet who`s willing to learn with you – KEEP THEM!!!

I`ll follow this up in a few months to let you know of any changes but going forward, Dr. S is the vet for us!!!

Thank you for taking the time to follow our story!

Also know, if this is the first time you’ve read a blog of mine, particularly about Hypothyroidism and you’re eager to learn – please review my other blogs!

General canine blogs :

Please learn from my mistakes! And please share this story as well as with your own so that others LEARN to fight for their dogs!

Karen Grzenda

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