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Petra: Her story… The wolf in sheep’s clothing…

I’m going to apologize in advance – this is a lengthy read but given the chance, I’m sure you’ll find it worth it. I’m also going to try to take all emotions out of it and remain factual.

Please note: I'm changing ALL names to protect the involved as a Police report has been filed against me and is currently under investigation.

On June 28th at 3:54, I had a rescue person reach out to me while I was at work. She'd been contacted by a vet clinic who had a two-year-old Doberman that was coming in for euthanasia due to aggression. She thought of me...

HERO NUMBER 1 – THE VET CLINIC: I reached out to the vet clinic while sitting in the parking lot from work and was told that the dog had gotten in multiple dog fights and attacked the owner as well. But the vet also said something seemed "off" with the story and they didn't feel right about euthanizing a 2-year-old female Doberman. That, right there, is hero number 1.

After talking to the vet, I asked if they'd contact the people who currently had the girl to see if I could reach out to them direct. Before you know it, I was on the phone with the current "owner" and they stated that if I came and got the dog then great but I had two hours or they were taking Petra in for euthanasia.

HEROES NUMBER 2 & 3: I made a post on Facebook simply stating that I knew nothing other than this poor girl was going to be euthanized if she wasn't picked up in two hours. I also stated that the vet was told that the girl had numerous dog fights AND had attacked the wife but the story had a lot of inconsistencies. BUT - this might be a vicious girl!

Hero number 2 and 3 jumped into their car, raced over and scooped up the girl called Petra. From the street, maybe 10 minutes after being introduced to this "vicious girl", they sent me a video of Petra licking them.

Hero number 2 and 3 committed to housing Petra safely for 24 hours but due to the fact they already had three dogs, they could not commit past 24 hours. Petra was SAFE!

HEROES NUMBER 4, 5 AND 6: A woman stepped up and volunteered to take Petra in for fostering even though she had just lost her Doberman not even three weeks before. Her, her husband and older son currently had a relaxed male neutered Doberman as well as a smaller dog but were willing to take Petra for decompression. They were aware of the very little information that we had on Petra but did agree they would give her safe haven for a longer period of time – enough to let this poor girl to unwind.

For those of you who followed my first few posts, you’ll know that this all popped off very fast! Time was of the essence and through networking, we got this girl safe and gave her a chance! You’ll also be wondering why this story, this girl – vanished! THAT is the rest of the story… The one I tell now.

After Petra was safe in her new foster home, I started doing my homework to try to put the pieces together of this poor girl. Little did I know just how convoluted and heartbreaking this puzzle would be once solved.

“CURRENT OWNERS”: I had multiple phone conversations and correspondence back and forth with the “current owners”. They had purchased Petra from a “well known” Doberman Rescue in Manitoba. I cringe as I type that because when I originally posted about Petra, many people named that exact rescue for me to reach out to. I personally had heard of the rescue but never heard anything positive. This was actually the first time I started doing my due diligence on them. This rescue sold Petra, a dog who had dog aggression issues, to a home that had two other Dobermans.

The home is located in the heart of Winnipeg, I say this as there’s constant city noise, traffic, and busy-ness. The home itself was a very small home, definitely not “open concept” and had a garage pad sized back yard. I don’t say this to cast judgment on the homeowners – but I do think that had the rescue done a home visit, they should have easily come to the conclusion that this would not be a good fit for Petra.

When Petra was brought home, the “current owners” put her in the postage stamp sized yard and released their two Dobermans into the yard. Que in first of multiple dog fights. It doesn’t take rocket science to know that this first meeting was an utter failure and should have been handled completely differently, but it happened, and the “current owners” decided within days that they could not keep Petra.

The “current owners” contacted the rescue multiple times by phone to return Petra, this I believe to be true. Having said that, after the rescue refused to take her back, they started sending emails which I have in my possession.

On Sunday, June 26, 2022, the current owners emailed the rescue stating that Petra had been in numerous fights with the resident dogs, had bitten both the dogs and humans and had aggression issues as well as high anxiety. They stated she was not a good fit for their home and that if she was not picked up by Monday at 4:00pm, Petra would be taken to Animal Services.

On Monday at 8:16pm the rescue responded by saying Petra should be kenneled when not supervised and not handled with additional dogs for the safety of everyone concerned. Please note that the rescue did NOT say “I’ll be there in five minutes to pick her up”.

On Monday at 10:28pm the current owners wrote that Animal Services was full to capacity and could not take Petra. The stated they would be dropping Petra off at the rescue the next day at 1:00pm.

The rescue advises that they will be going on holidays with her family and if Petra is abandoned, she will “file a claim”.

The current owners state that if there is no one to receive Petra, she will be taken in for euthanasia due to aggression.

The rescue does not respond.

We now know that the current owners DID take Petra to the vets for euthanasia and the vets reached out.

Buckle up for the next part of poor Petra’s story!

THE ORIGINAL OWNERS: A few days after Petra was safely in foster, a woman reached to me – she was the original owner of Petra! Her, her husband and two young children had purchased Petra as an 8-week-old puppy from a Manitoba Doberman breeder AND Doberman Rescue. At the time of purchase, they currently already had a female Doberman at approximately a year or so old.

Petra was VERY much loved and started doggy day care at approximately 6 months old where she was attacked at doggy daycare. From that point on, things went down the toilet for them. Petra and their other female Doberman started having fights which escalated very quickly. They sought the help from two different trainers to work through issues to no avail. In fact, one trainer that came highly recommended actually hung young Petra up by the throat until she defecated while hanging by her throat.

Recommendations by trainers, vets and the “breeder” were to spay Petra at 10 months old and put her on a dosage of Trazadone.

The original owners sent me the full vet health records of Petra.

Petra’s vet records have her requiring treatment on multiple occasions for bite lacerations due to fights. She was born February 06, 2021, spayed December 98, 2021, placed on Trazadone December 31, 2021 which she remained on until given back to the back yard breeder on March 26, 2022.

The original owner was mortified on seeing Petra’s Facebook post and sent me a very heartfelt, emotional email. I called her and spoke with her at great lengths and their story was heartbreaking. They bought a puppy who they absolutely adored, and things just went really bad. They tried so many different options until the only option they felt they had was to give her back to the breeder. It truly broke their hearts to give her up but they just couldn’t have the constant fighting.

Now here’s the thing… They paid $2000.00 originally for Petra. Upon giving her back to the back yard breeder, they then paid another $800.00 for “training” – as the back yard breeder was going to “fix” Petra. The back yard breeder has received accolades in her ability to “train” and deal with aggressive dogs. The back yard breeder chose to put Petra in a foster and without telling the original owners, then also sold Petra for yet another $500.00 to the “current owners”.

Then comes the text I’ve been waiting for…

The current owners that were going to euthanize Petra, reach out to me because the rescue woman is back from holidays… She wants to know where Petra is.

On July 4th, via email, I reach out to the rescue informing her of the situation of Petra, how she was as close as it gets to being euthanized but is now safe. How does the rescue react? Say “thank you”? Act mortified? Even pretend to care?

Nope – she acknowledged knowing absolutely everything I’ve stated above. She’s upset that the dog wasn’t dropped off at animal services as she recommended. Now, she wants the dog back. Well guess what?!? Too bad for you – you had multiple opportunities to take this wonderful girl back and instead you went on holidays.

Now hang on, I’m not saying a rescue can’t go on holidays. Not by any means! But here’s the thing, when someone is threatening to euthanize your dog – you do what you have to do to make that dog safe. Whether you get friends, family or even strangers to step in on your behalf to go get the dog. YOU have a MORAL obligation to step up for that dog. You do NOT wash your hands of it, walk away and hope for the best.

Que in the filing of a police report against me. Why? Because I wouldn’t give her Petra back. In my mind (and hopefully the courts), she gave up any right to ever have Petra again. And of course, I have everything documented in emails. I’m not concerned but it is a pain in the butt to have this hanging over my head but oh well…

Today is August 12, 2022 and Petra is doing wonderfully!

Petra spent a month in an amazing foster home who really turned her around! When she arrived, you could see Petra was completely broken… After a month of love, kindness and caring – Petra REALLY came out of her shell. Petra truly is a wonderful young Doberman girl but she does have dog aggression issues. I can’t really blame her given her past!

She has been moved from her foster home to what we believe will be her final forever home – at least we’re very much hoping! She’s an only dog, has a crazy amount of toys, lives just outside the city and has a very nice sized yard!

Her original owners stepped up and covered all bills related to Petra because they still love her dearly and feel responsible for her. Their hearts are still broken that they couldn’t make it work…

Heroes 2 and 3 still ask about her, even in the short 24 hours they had her, they fell for her!

Heroes 4, 5 and 6 turned their lives upside down hoping Petra would come to accept their other Doberman and become part of their lives for ever. Sadly, Petra couldn’t let go. On the day that she went to her new home, the fosters heart broke… But they gave her everything they could and I am forever grateful they stepped in!

ORIGIAL BACK YARD BREEDER / RESCUE: Let’s talk about the original back yard breeder and the rescue here for a second… Have you noticed some intertwining? That’s because they are actually one in the same! That’s right – you understood correctly!

The woman, aka BACK YARD BREEDER, bred Petra, sold her to people she never should have in the first place, took her back for $800.00 for training and then sold her through her “Not for profit”, government recognized Doberman rescue for an additional $500.00. She is the one who filed the police report on me for theft.

I have not named her at this time. Why? Because this is HER opportunity to drop the Police report, close down her back yard breeding practice and charitable “rescue”. I know she’s reading this… DO THE RIGHT THING – YOU HAVE ZERO RIGHT TO BE INVOLVED WITH ANY FORM OF DOGS! AND WHILE YOU’RE AT IT – REACH OUT AND PAY BACK EVERYONE’S MONEY…

To the people called “Current Owners”: I don’t know what to say to you… You were actually going to euthanize a year and a half old perfectly healthy Doberman. It scares me to think that you were okay with euthanasia being an option. But I do thank you for letting me take her.

Lastly, to all of you who with compassion and caring reached out to me with the name of a Manitoba Doberman Rescue name – please ALWAYS do your due diligence. Many of you recommended this “Rescue”! Beware of wolves in sheep’s clothing…

So, that’s Petra’s story for now… I’m hoping she has MANY years of love in her new home! I’ve been told that her new person does love her very much but apparently “she takes up way too much space on the bed”. Well, hate to tell you – you’re lucky you have any room!

Love your dogs everyone!

Karen Grzenda

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Daneen Hon
Daneen Hon

Holy hell, what a mess! If the BYB/"Rescue" is reading this -you should be ashamed!

Thanks Karen, for stepping up and facilitating the opportunity for Petra to have a chance at a normal good life!


Leslie Michell-Young
Leslie Michell-Young

Thank you, as always. There is no such thing as a bad dog <3


Petra Wallace
Petra Wallace

Thank you for saving this sweet Girl, praying she has the Life she deserves from now on. Petra Wallace

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