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What is the "Side Eye" and why is it a book series?

By MY definition, the SIDE EYE is a look your very much beloved dog gives you to show their attitude, dismay or extreme displeasure to what YOU are doing or saying.

Our Blaze gave me the Side Eye on a regular basis and I adored her for it! So much so, I started capturing her Side Eye with my phone.

As I started to share these "looks" with other dog lovers, Blaze started getting her own group of followers on Facebook who seemed to thrive off her attitude.

I had already published a book on our boy Gunner so found it fitting that both her and Liar should actually have their own book as well!

Turns out, people love seeing other peoples dogs give them attitude! That attitude made Blaze famous (somewhat) and her "Angry Doberman Poetry" started to take off.

Then COVID hit.

As Tim and I looked around, we saw so many people scared, worried and at really low points. After some discussion, Tim suggested that I do another Side Eye book but let people share pictures of THEIR dogs. Maybe we could bring some joy to people around us!

So again, I did a "CASTING CALL" for goofy dog pictures on Facebook and holy Toledo, we got a pile of them in!

That's how this whole thing took off...

Blaze and Liar (our two dobermans) took the cover for the first few books but it became crystal clear - this was going to be more. Now, we have all kinds of dogs gracing the cover!

We're officially 9 books in and they just keep getting funnier and funnier! There is truly nothing better than literally spreading joy with these books.

So, without further adieu, please enjoy some pages I've randomly grabbed out of various Side Eye books! Where you may not see very much of the original "Side Eye", if you love canines, you'll likely get a kick out of these!

Each book is roughly 72 full colour pages containing over 100 different dogs from around the world!

Need a gift for a fellow "dog friend"? Maybe consider giving them the gift of laughter!

Check out my website on how to find out more!

Take care, love your dogs, each other and don't forget to laugh at the little things!


Karen Grzenda, Author

Find all my books on Amazon in EBook or Paperback!

Heart Dog – Gunner’s Story (true life novel):

The Side Eye Series (adult series):

Little Paws (children’s series):

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