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The Side Eye - Becomes a series!

Updated: May 16, 2021

What an unbelievable journey this has become! If you asked me three years ago, I never possibly could have imagined how things would take off... It's by the grace of God that this dream has become a reality!

The Side Eye started probably in 2019 with Blaze posting her first Doberman ANGRY poetry on facebook. She literally became a star overnight as she shared her hostile thoughts of squirrels, birds, baths and toenail trimming escapades.

Liar quickly got in on the action (out of pure jealously of course) but he's always been more calm, cool, collected and quite the philosopher.

COVID came and literally turned the world we know it upside down. The lock downs, the stress, the fear - it's become quite an overwhelming time for everyone as we all try to live the "new norm?!?"

Because of the laughter the original Side Eye brought, Tim and I had the idea of doing yet another book but maybe this time opening it up to share ALL of our comical, goofy canines. Maybe this would help people get their minds off the news of what seemed like constant impending doom, and see some sunshine again! Who doesn't love a good laugh? And lets face fact, who doesn't love sharing pictures of their dogs?!?

I shared a post on Facebook to see what the outcome would be and holy toledo! The pictures came flying in! What was going to be one book exploded into two books in three short weeks and has left the door open for more!

More of the Side Eye! #2 of the series

Back by popular demand!

- BLAZE, Doberman Angry Poet

- LIAR, Doberman Philosopher

Take a break from the Pandemic and enjoy some all-around good, deep belly laughs while learning at the same time.

Joining Blaze and Liar in this second book of The Side Eye series, are over 100 of the funniest dogs around! See some of their destruction, sleepy faces, tongues hanging out, and even career choices.

Learn some fun canine facts, an excellent Bone Broth recipe as well as some health tips.

"I laughed so hard, my sides hurt!”

The Side Eye - Crossing the Line #3 of the series!

Joining Blaze and Liar in this third book of The Side Eye series, are over 100 MORE of the funniest dogs around!

See some of the “Nose knows”, fur-niture pictures, dogs celebrating the holidays, and even some dog sports available!

Learn about proper grooming techniques from a Manitoba Pro as well as some health tips.

“You can really see your love for all dogs! So funny, can hardly wait for more in this series!”

Take a little peek at their videos!

More of the Side Eye :

The Side Eye - Crossing the Line! :

So here's the kicker! We've enjoyed this so much that we're doing more! We'll need lots of your goofy dog pictures as this wouldn't be a series with out them! Please remember, I don't pay for pictures BUT I do email you a copy of the Ebook for free when it's published!

If you're interested - please email me to be officially put on our "Casting Call List".

Thank you so much for all of your support and lets get ready for book number..... LOTS MORE!

Karen Grzenda, Author and canine advocate

Want to try a chapter for free of Heart Dog - Gunner's Story? Click here :

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