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FREE: The Best of the Side Eye!

Updated: May 16, 2021

There is no denying, 2020 was a terrible year! I'm hoping this starts off 2021 the best way possible - FREE CANINE LAUGHS!

Download PDF • 23.91MB

So what exactly are these Side Eye books? Well, even I have difficulties explaining them other than to say - they're a great bathroom read. These books you can pick up and browse for 5 minutes or laugh for 5 hours at the goofy pictures (not that you should be spending 5 hours in the bathroom!)...

They make awesome gifts for fellow "dog people" if you're not sure about their dedication to reading.

Learn some important canine health issues as well as some neat canine facts and laugh your butt off as you go. Here's a peak for free of the books - a compilation of me grabbing a few pages out of each book! Enjoy!

Got an idea? Have some goofy dog pictures that can spread some laughs? Contact me!

To find out about all my books:

Thanks for popping by!

Karen Grzenda

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