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Elwood's Story - Bernese Mountain Dog

Updated: Apr 6, 2019

Misdiagnosed with Masticatory muscle myositis

Name: Elwood Breed: Bernese Mountain Dog History: Happy go lucky, well socialized & star pupil of his training class. Elwood was misdiagnosed at 8 months with Masticatory muscle myositis (MMM). He wouldn’t eat, he screamed when opening his jaw, and his eye was swollen.

Location: Roseville, CA

Diagnosed at 21 months with non-autoimmune hypothyroidism.

A month of prednisone for the MMM and vets pawing at his face and I had a changed dog. At 1.5 years he started getting hot spots (diagnosed as allergic to fleas) and prescribed Apoquel. He was thin, nervous, scaly and losing huge patches of hair and fly biting. Switched to a holistic vet who took him off the Apoquel and suggested a thyroid panel. Diagnosed at 21 months with non-autoimmune hypothyroidism. Currently: 2.5 years old. Good weight, beautiful coat but still occasionally gets cradle cap patches, not as high strung but still needs work—barks at every little noise, still a heavy panter and fidgety, but thankfully no more fly biting. In addition to Thyro-tabs, we changed his diet, added supplements, introduced essential oils, and he has occasional acupuncture treatments all which we feel have contributed to his well-being.

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