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Fencing for canines! Just a few thoughts...

I was single at the time of buying the acreage property on Calder and I purchased the property because of the land and specifically for the dogs enjoyment.

The "pack" consisted of; Gunner (doberman), Vegas (shepherd/terrier cross) and Taxi (terrier cross) so the dogs varied in size from medium/large to small. At the time of purchase there was zero fencing surrounding this beautiful treed property but for me it was a "must have" so factored the cost into the mortgage.

The pack and I moved in on the Friday and the fence was up Saturday thanks to the help of many family and friends! This may not seem like a big deal but when I say fence, it fenced 2.5 acres so this was absolutely miraculous!

When doing my due diligence on the many different kinds of fencing, I opted for a combination of chain link and "wild game" fencing. The reason for this was, I personally could not see myself maintaining a wood fence of that size. I needed a fence high enough to wildlife out and yet all the way to the ground to keep Taxi, my avid hunter in.

This cutie is "Manny or Fred" (Rachel has nicknames).

10 Random Thoughts of Mine and Fencing :

1) Protection for the dogs from outside unwanted "visitors" of wildlife or even stray dogs. My new neighbors had lost their Collie cross and found it dismembered by coyotes in the back field.

2) Give the dogs the ability to run "free" yet safe.

3) Many "country dogs" run loose. With fencing, I never worried about mine getting struck by cars. The highway was a good mile away but dogs can cover ground very quickly, particularly if chasing something! Sadly, I think everyone knows someone who has lost a dog who "always stayed on the property". It can happen, they're dogs, I didn't want to take the chance.

4) I never liked the idea of chaining my dog or having them tied up as this may keep them on your property but it still allows for others to approach whether it's a stray dog or coyote.

5) Protect others: I personally thought that my dogs would never "attack" anyone but this always insured me that it couldn't happen.

6) Fetch is a lot easier to play when you're not all tangled up!

7) Electric fences for me were a "no". Although it was a cheaper alternative that many like and didn't "impede" my view, I knew of dogs chasing a deer across the "line". The dog knew it would be shocked but the chase was worth it. After the chase, the dog wouldn't come back across the line as it didn't want the shock.

8) I could always choose to lock the gates if I wanted.

9) I placed placards on the fence WARNING people about my "DANGEROUS" dogs and found it to be an additional home security system for my home!

10) The cost of a good fence is cheaper than a surgery bill and God forbid the death of your beloved canine!

Thank you so much to all those that donated pictures! I tried to get in as many as possible!

Friendly reminders about fencing:

1) Posts and planks can shift - please regularly do visual inspections to insure your fence is still safely intact and if it's wood that there are no nails sticking out.

2) Sadly people can still throw poison over the fence - please do regular visual checks in your yard.

3) Recently, I wrote a post on a squirrel that brought a poison block into our yard. Again, do visual checks!

4) The only TRUE way to know your dogs are safe in your yard is to be with them!

5) For small dog owners (as was the case with Taxi the escape artist) as the seasons change, the ground shifts. Insure your little bundles of joy can't sneak under!

6) Owners of "diggers" - check for trenching by fence perimiter.

7) People can leave gates open by purpose or in error - please always check!

8) Do your due diligence! Figure out your needs and budget and go from there as there are MANY alternatives out there!

Share the story - it could save a life!

Karen Grzenda

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