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Phoebe Foo's Story - Miniature Dachshund

Updated: Apr 6, 2019

Name: Phoebe Foo

Age : 12 Breed: Miniature Dachshund Symptoms: hair loss (and in retrospect, fur changed colour from black to brown), lethargy and weight gain. Location. U.K.

Age at diagnosis: 12 - diagnosed via urine tests and blood tests, we also tested for Cushing’s.

Current situation: Phoebe is on Thyforon 2x daily. She has lost weight and is more alert and active. She has had life long skin issues which became a lot worse initially when she started taking the Thyforon. We are hoping her itching will calm down eventually but are not hopeful of that as she has been itchy for many years. We have yet to do the dosage check blood tests as she had a steroid injection about 6 weeks ago. Hoping her dosage is ok and she can continue as she is and will continue to improve. She’s had several health issues over the last few years and I cannot help but wonder if some or all were thyroid related.

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