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Reo's Story - Labrador Cross

Updated: Apr 6, 2019

Hypothyroid dogs can live normal lives!

Name : Reo Breed : Labrador cross Symptoms shown : Skin infections, weight gain, lethargy Location - West Sussex, U.K. Age at diagnosis : 2 (now 7)

How he is now ? Reo has suffered severe complications with his health including seizures but low dose steroids along side his thyroxine has improved him no end.

We are hopeful that he will return to a normalish life. Sadly, Reo sustained neurological damage as a result of the long cluster seizures last year. His skin infections have gone, his weight is now under control and he has much more energy!

Extra info : Reo is a retired agility dog (competed 3 years from diagnosis) and is now an advanced Scentwork dog. One of only 2 dogs in the U.K. to achieve 100% at Scentwork U.K. level 5.

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Thanks so much Eileen!


So proud of you for doing this Kari! ❤️

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