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Riley's Story - Boxer/Lab/Pit Cross

Updated: Apr 6, 2019

"Luckily our trainer was very well versed in hypothyroid symptoms, so she helped get my girl diagnosed!"

Name : Riley

Breed: Boxer/Lab Retriever/Pit mix

Symptoms: Hyperawareness, increased anxiety, scared of people she knew and loved, lethargy, skin infection on her face, exercise intolerance; very compulsive about our yard, she started nipping again (had previously been under control with training). She previously had ruptured her cruciate ligaments which my vet believes may have been caused by low thyroid levels)

Location: Omaha, NE

Age at diagnosis: Around 4 (don’t know her exact age, just a guess from out vet when we first got her)

How is Riley now: Riley is doing great and leading a very active life. She’s a champion bunny chaser, loves to play with her toys and balls, she loves to go on LONG walks and play in the yard with no compulsive behaviors. She’s still nervous around people she doesn’t know (she was abused prior to living with me), but is back to loving the people she does know and the nipping has gone away!

As challenging as this diagnosis has been, it was the best thing for her because with her meds, she’s so much happier and healthier!

She did unfortunately receive a spinal spondylosis diagnosis after her hypothyroid diagnosis, but I believe we were able to catch her symptoms so quickly, because we had her hypothyroidism so well controlled!

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